For us partnership is not about running the partner's ship.

With partnership we mean the interplay of excellent companies, entrepreneurs, managers, and specialists in a group. Although, our understanding of a "group" is by no means a loose alliance of IT companies. On the contrary, the integration of companies in the DABERO group is based on strict criteria. Besides subject-specific expertise and the quality of products and services, especially the culture and mentality of employees and entrepreneurs have to fit to DABERO. Furthermore, cooperation in our partnership is characterized by:

  • Trust: We encourage and expect of all group companies, managers and employees collegial co-operation - even in cases where the individual does not receive an immediate reward.
  • Responsibility: Everyone in our group takes responsibility for his activities. But responsibility also needs freedom to exercise and develop. Our management culture discourages strict hierarchies and wants to consciously create freedom for the individual. Responsibility in a relationship means to us, however, that each partner contributes to the performance and success of the entire group.
  • Respect: Only with open and honest feedback do we improve. But complaining damages the fun at work, and thus the group. We call for active suggestions for improvement and we require respectful treatment of one another.

The principles of a partnership are also the basis for the collaboration with our customers. As partners, we are committed to the success of our customers - with full dedication.

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