What is the meaning of fairness at DABERO?

Fairness, as an entrepreneurial attribute, has declined in value in recent decades. We are convinced, however, that fairness is key to long term success. We are committed to a culture of fairness, towards our colleagues, our customers, our investors, and our environment.

  • Fairness towards our colleagues means for us to communicate openly and at eye level with each other, to create transparent structures and processes, and to share successes according to a performance concept. We value cultural diversity and are forgiving.
  • Fairness towards our customers means for us to act at the service of the customer and for the project. We value transparency in the process and a cost effective approach of the service. What matters for us is what is best for the customer. If we are not convinced that our services contribute to the success of our customers, we communicate it.
  • Fairness towards our investors for us means, to deal efficiently and cost effectively with resources and commitment to our goal, to continuously and sustainably increase the value of the company. We want to grow faster than the market and gain a sustainable market share.

In our projects we care for sustainable, resource efficient working, and will be doing our best to limit the burden on the environment.

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