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Do you remember snake? This simple game, that recently disappeared together with your cellphone in this “one” drawer for old stuff? Today, you can manage a wide range of business processes on your smartphone and you even know what your former classmate had for lunch, even though you haven’t seen him for ten years. And tomorrow? Soon you will likely be able to know, what this classmate wants to have for lunch in two weeks’ time. You will probably ask yourself, who could be interested in such things? Being able to predict customer behavior with high certainty, will soon be a critical competitive advantage for many business models.

The speed at which IT is changing our lifestyle as well as our workplace is growing exponentially. This is why IT is a main determinant for the success of businesses as well as global economies in a harsh competitive environment. To manage digital transformation, it is key to unite specialized knowhow of complementary focus areas–that’s what we do at DABERO. At DABERO, high-end IT Consulting and Solution suppliers have united, forming a strong bond. At DABERO over 550 experts–highly specialized analysts, consultants and developers–combine knowhow of complementary disciplines and find ways to help our clients of various industry branches to achieve their goal in their personal digital transformation.

We make a promise: As a customer, you will always speak to a decision maker. We offer service orientation, motivation and the flexibility of small teams and at the same time feature the size, range of services and quality that you expect from a professional IT partner.

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